Saudi Arabia Driving License Essential Guide

Saudi Arabia Driving License Essential Guide

Table of Contents

  • Saudi Driving License Essential Guide
  • Documents Required
  • Application Form
  • Eye-sight test
  • Theory Class
  • Computer Test
  • Final Driving test

Driving license is always a precious asset and a dream for many people. It helps you to explore many parts of the world.

Saudi Arabia driving license also pretty easy to get and you go through some steps as in any other country. This essential guide will help you to outline those steps.

You can take our comprehensive computer test which helps you for the test.

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Documents Required 

1. Original Iqama.
2. Photocopy of Iqama.
3. Photocopy of Passport.
4. Driving License of your country
5. If an expatriate, translation of foreign driving license in Arabic from an approved translation institute. 6. Passport size photographs - Four to six (4-6) recent passport size photos.
7. Medical report (Blood Group Test)
8. License Fee (400 SR pay it Riyadh bank/ATM for your iqama id and keep the voucher)

You must have an authorization letter from your company to apply for a driving license.

Application Form 

Go to the Takhassusi Dallah Driving School also known as KSA Dallah, Riyadh or any other driving school, with all the documents at 7'o clock. you can fill the Application form in Arabic Cost 15 SR
You can download saudi driving license application form pdf 

Eye-sight test 

You will undergo an eyesight test to ensure you have the correct vision for the driving. Trial Test The authority person will ask you to drive the car and reverse a little. it is just to see whether you have driving experience or nor.

Take care of only 4 things. Seat belt, back view mirror, handbrake, and seat adjustment for your accelerator. Drive slowly through round-about.

 If you succeed in the initial trial, the tester will write "I" alif on your form. (If you fail, make a new file and apply after 2-3 days if you don't want to attend classes)

Theory Class 

You need to attend 3-hour theory class in the driving school. In this theory class, will be taught the basics of driving and signals. You have to attend the class very carefully and also read all the things written on front and backside of the chart they give you during the class.

Computer Test 

Computer test for a Driving license in Saudi will have the questions will be mainly Identification of different signals and general driving rules. The computer test is a test of road signs.

A symbol of road signs will appear on the screen and you will be given options, like A, B, C or D, and you need to press the correct option.

The time for the test is 30 minutes and you have to give 15 correct answers out of 20 questions. Whether you give a wrong answer to a question or skip the question, it will be considered as a wrong answer.
If you exceed the mistake limit that is 5, your test will automatically end and the screen will be turned off. Make sure to prepare well!

You can take our comprehensive computer test which helps you for the test.

The total number of questions – 20 questions Total time – 30 minutes If you make any mistake in the first ten questions, then you are failed. In next 10 questions, you have to give only five correct answers.

Final Driving test 

Once you clear the Computer test you have to undergo the final driving test, on the cars with gears. You have to drive the car for some distance or you might have to do some simple reverse etc.

Total Expense: 590 SR Your license is valid for 10 year