How to Crack a Job Interview in Dubai

PC: Pixabay

You applied for a job and made it through the screening process. Congratulations! Now, are you ready for the next stage--interview?

Dubai is one of the most popular job destinations in the UAE. There is not just one but several reasons that make Dubai an attractive option among job seekers. Some of these benefits include higher salaries, tax-free income, quality lifestyle, and top global employers. However, to grab a job in today’s tough competition, one needs to prepare in advance to crack the job interview.
Here are a few useful tips to help you ace your interview and get a job in Dubai.  

Do ‘pre-interview research’

Your interview preparation should start with doing pre-interview research. Acquiring all the information about the company you are going for an interview is a confidence booster as it prepares you to answer some of the important questions asked by the employer. Your research should include gathering information related to any recent news about the company, its products, services offered, mission and vision statement, key competitors and clients. Moreover, having the recent updates about the industry and the field of your work plays a crucial role in making your interview a success.

Dress aptly

‘First impression is the last impression’, and therefore you should give an attention to how you appear before the interviewer. To meet the employer’s expectation, get an idea about the company culture and dress accordingly. Wear neat, ironed and professional outfit. The Arab culture expects women to dress up modestly, therefore, wear anything that covers your hands and legs. Avoid wearing loud colors, tight clothes, and excessive accessories.

Follow interview etiquettes

When looking for a job in Dubai, it is vital that you should be aware of the Arab culture. Greeting a person in the interview should be short and offer a soft handshake when meeting and introducing yourself. With women, avoid initiating it yourself and wait for the other person to offer a handshake. Maintain a good body posture, sit straight and use limited hand movements. Giving anything with left hand must be avoided as it is considered disrespectful.

Prepare your success stories

An employer is not only interested in knowing your job role in the previous company, but also what you achieved as a professional. In this situation, bragging about how smart and dedicated employee you are is not what impresses the employer. You should quantify your achievements that are relevant to the job role for which you are being interviewed. For example, if you are from an engineering background and looking for your next engineering job in the UAE, the better pitch for you would be to talk about the challenging projects you completed in your previous organization and mention the percentage growth you achieved in your department. This is what can earn you a brownie point.

Don’t badmouth your previous employer

You are moving forward in your career, it’s fine. However, it doesn’t make you look professional if you badmouth your previous employer in front of the interviewer. Therefore, whatever is the issue, never make your last company or boss the reason for finding the new opportunity.

Prepare for ‘what employers can ask’

At last, to keep everything in track, it is advisable that you should prepare some common questions asked by employers. Some of them include:
  • Tell us about yourself.
  • Why you want to work with us?
  • Are you ready to relocate to Dubai or any other location, if required?
  • Tell us your strengths and weaknesses.
  • What are your salary expectations?

With these tips, stay positive and start your interview preparation at an early stage.

Good luck!