Hazard perception test by RTA Dubai

I was late that day to my office and was driving in 120KMPH on E311 Dubai. 120 is the allowable speed of that road. Suddenly the car which traveling in front of me suddenly stopped start to indicate right. God bless I was keeping the safe distance in front of me and could able to slow down. I realized that driver was looking for the petrol pump in his right. What a senseless driver!! He putting the risk to his life and also other road users. If I was not keeping safe distance it may become the fatal crash.

Here the I am encountering a life threat or critical danger that refers as Hazard. Yes, sudden stopping of the vehicle is a Hazard as a driver you should scan the road for possible hazards. It is known as Hazard Perception. RTA Dubai introduced a Hazard perception test for the driving learners.

Wonder RTA want to make more money this way? No, it is not, This is the real learning in my opinion because it will save you life and possible other road users also. The cost of repairing your car and health will be very higher compared to the test fee cost. Agree?

You can gee wat are the hazards you may encounter on the above image, The above image will be the view from your driving seat

  1.  School buses going very slow
  2. Its a two-way traffic, vehicles may come by overtaking
  3. Seeing too many school buses so it may be a school area
  4. School bus may stop suddenly to drop kids
Here the critical hazards will be 2, and 4 all others also hazards but your logical conclusion leads to this. What do you think?

Hazard perception test format

  • 17 theory questions
  • 5 video questions - 25 seconds video and once finish video it shows 3 options of possible hazards and you have to choose most dangerous hazard and you will get 5 seconds to answer. So don't skip answer, answer with the option what you feel is best.
  • 22 questions you need 17 to pass the test.

If the above scenario you got your test, Here the possible hazards are pizza boys and the car is reversing from the parking lot. Here the most dangerous hazard we need to mark it as the reversing car.

Various Hazards in the Road

  • 1. Sudden stopping to move to the petrol pump or looking for the exit.
  • 2. Sudden reversing of the car from parking lot
  • 3. Kids running to cross the road on residential or school area
  • 4. Poor visibility.  pedestrian crossing the zebra line.
  • 5. You try to change lane and suddenly one car coming behind from nowhere
  • Environmental conditions Rainy, Foggy, Sand storm etc
  • Cyclists delivery boys they keep changing lanes.

Do you have any other hazards to share?