RTA theory test essential guide

rta theory test mock test
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Your driving license journey take off with passing RTA theory test. Yes, it is an important step.

RTA theory test is also known in different names as Signal test, Drivers knowledge test etc. Test is conducting by RTA (Road Transport Authority) in UAE.

Once you pass the test, RTA will issue the learning permit.

Primarily this aims to check the theoretical knowledge for the candidate. Included various topics covered in your theory lectures.

Focuses to evaluate candidate awareness about safe driving. Test will be conducted in your driving school itself.

Should be punctual to the test and well prepared. Arrive the test center 30 minutes prior to the test time and you can place your belongings in the locker available.
Your awareness to the various Road signals you can come across while driving in the road is an important topic in this test.

Theory test format

  •  multiple choice questions with three or four options, you have to select one option and proceed
  • 35 questions in two sections  In order to pass the theory test you must Score 13 out of 18 specific questions and 12 out of 17 common questions.
  • Both sections you have to score sixty percentage or above.
  • RTA Theory Test or knowledge test you can attend in many languages as per your choice. Now supports 11 languages.
    • English
    • Hindi
    • Urdu
    • Malayalam
    • Tamil
    • Bengali etc.
  • Theory test conducting by RTA and it is 35 minute test and you will get the result once you completed.

How to prepare for the Theory Knowledge Driving Test.?

Do you know what is the big mistake candidates doing?

Yes, they will underestimate and will not prepare for the test.

The test may sound easy but it is not right in reality. It will be tough and you cannot predict what kind of questions will be asked. So you have to give do enough preparation for the test. Otherwise the result will not be the one which you wishing for. so prepare. How to prepare?

Sample questions are available for download pdf file follow the below links

http://www.smashplus.com/download/mock_test (registration required )

Pay attention to your driving theory classes

Your driving theory classes might be boring but be attentive as you are going to learn a very important skill so the knowledge also very important. For example if you driving in a highway you come across various signal boards. How can you identify those sign and accordingly? The theory classes is the answer.

Mobile Apps.

We have developed an iphone app to help you to pass the theory test without hassle. It gives 125+ questions and great reference to all the signals in the RTA test.
You can download from the appstore app name is Confidence

You can read more about this application in this article Confidence Dubai RTA test app

RTA Handbook

Keep yourself enough time to read the RTA handbook because this covers the syllabus for Knowledge test. Read RTA handbook multiple times if you can before the RTA knowledge test.

Mock theory test or Sample RTA tests

Sample tests will give you an opportunity to evaluate yourself before proceeding to the RTA test. These tests known as mock tests.

We are providing RTA mock tests of 10 questions each as different sets. This will help you to get some idea about how the questions will be. No guarantee the same question can appear for the real test. See some of the sample questions.
RTA theory test sample questions

The test also provide a review screen where you can find which one is right or wrong and you can correct accordingly.

Take Mock RTA test now!

This tests allows you take based on topic and once you are familiar you can take as the mock tests.
driving license rta theory test

Also RTA app providing mock test, RTA app you can download from the appstore or play store (android)


Relatively RTA theory test is easy and most of the people passing in the first time itself. But student should have good theoretical knowledge to pass the test else will
Please let us know how much helped the RTA Knowledge mock test on your test preparation.