UAE driver runs up Dh1m in traffic fines in four years

A woman who thought she might have accumulated about Dh50,000 in traffic fines found out otherwise when she received a phone call from the police.
"Not quite," they said. "You owe Dh927,865."
The woman, a 28-year-old Iraqi living in Ras Al Khaimah on a student visa, has committed 1,551 traffic offences in the past four years in every emirate except Sharjah.
She was tracked down in a police check on cars with registrations that had expired.
"While her driving licence was still valid, her Nissan Altima car registration was four years overdue," said Zayed Mohammed, head of Traffic Prosecution in Ras Al Khaimah.
"We called and asked her if she knew she had fines. She said yes, but expected it to be no more than Dh50,000. She was shocked to hear the figure. She said she didn't get any messages to inform her."
The woman committed most of her driving offences in Umm Al Quwain, where she ran up Dh262,000 in fines. She owes Dh171,000 in Abu Dhabi and Dh36,200 for 67 offences in RAK. In Dubai, 63 of her fines were for passing Salik toll gates with no credit, and she committed four offences in Fujairah.
She has refused to pay the fines and her case has gone to the courts, who have the power to halve the amount owed. The woman will have to go to court in each emirate to plead to have the fines reduced.
"We want prosecutors to investigate the reasons for the fines," Mr Mohammed said. "We have asked traffic police to check if it really was her driving, or were other people using the car and it was just under her name. We are still investigating.
"This is the biggest sum of money for traffic offences I have seen. I have never heard of someone getting more than this."
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