Dont miss the real tips on Dubai Driving Test

Thought to consolidate the tips you guys shared as a single post in order to avoid scrolling in the comment box always. Hope it helps you.

Rahul Gangwani, Oct 2015

1. Stopping 3 seconds in compulsory at Stop signs.
2. Stay under the speed limit. But this does not mean that you have to keep your speed low. Keep it according to the road limits.
3. Never argue with the Inspector.
4. Stay focused.
5. Show your confidence.
6. Don't waive your car on the road. If there is a pedestrian or cyclist, stop after checking your center mirror and remember to give your hazard lights.
7. Keep checking the center mirror every 5 seconds and side mirrors every 10 seconds.
8. If a car in front of you is continuously slow you are allowed to overtake him. But remember to come back in your lane.
9. Mostly importantly don't lose hope as you will pass in one or other attempt. I have seen many incidents where people give up after giving 5-6 tries.

KP, Aug 2015

1. Confidence while driving (no matter how nervous you are, don't let the instructor know)
2. Presence of mind when your turn came ( Listen to the instructor carefully, wrong interpretations will surely annoy him big time, needless to say that is not healthy for you for clearing the test).
3. speed limit awareness is must
4. Lane changing is must in test at least twice during the test , instructor will test your presence of mind and knowledge about road rules I.e. He can say you to change lane on T junction or at signal . Be aware of this.

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