Success story from Kirkb4u

Hi All,

Its been 4 long months since I started my driving classes. I took up shifting classes which I selected to finish off as soon as possible.

I finished my 36 Classes last month and went in for the Assessment test shortly after that. I took my exam after office hours, tired and drowsy,

I drove as per instructors advise only to land up doing some really silly mistakes like touching yellow line, speeding and not doing proper head checks, also when he told me to park in an open parking I ended up double parking between two lines, as expected the results were fail. I had almost lost all hopes, but thought to myself is that God has other plans, he wanted me to get better before taking the final test. So I dusted off my shoes and took 8 extra classes, I drove with utter care and precision, after which I took up my Assessment exam with a lot of courage, I drove as per Instructors advise and passed out this time with ease, took

Now was the time for preparing for the Big D, I took a lot of advise from my family and friends about the dos and donts, I also read this website and got some valuable tips.

Yesterday I was reading the RTA Handbook till 11pm. I went off to sleep after that got up today at 7am and again began reading the book. Had a light breakfast, said my prayers (which I was doing so many days) My test was at 10:50am and I reached the centre by 10am to relax a bit, submitted my forms and after 30mins my name was called along with two other guys. 1 Indian and other was Filipino. The Indian guys name was called first and he was no1., then came my name and I was no2 & subsequently the Filipino guy who was third.

The road test

We all began to get in the car, RTA instructor was very understanding guy he told us to calm down and not get nervous, he told us to concentrate on controlling the vehicle and obeying the road rules. The First guy started in reverse and took the car smoothly on the road, it was his 4th attempt by the way, he drove nicely until some places where he braked a little hard, after a while Instructor asked him to park beside the road.

Now it was my turn I got in the drivers seat, adjusted my seat, the mirrors, pressed brake the put gear in R and moved backwards, gently pressed the brake and engaged D gear. I started off somehow I was not nervous at all, he asked me to turn in some lanes which I did flawlessly, I was gentle on the steering wheel and braked to the slightest, then came a T junction with a stop sign where again I braked very gently, after the turn to the right I smoothly moved steering to centre position the car. Now I had to move straight onto the 80kmph road. I again anticipated no cars were coming from the right and took onto the main road with ease accelerated bit observed the speed of my car, then he asked me to change lanes nearly 4-5 times. I was in the left most lane(fast lane) from this point he told me to go to the right I had to change 4 lanes to get there. I switched right indicator, did my mirror and shoulder checks got onto the second lane, again did the headcheck and went to third, subsequently went to the fourth and took the ight, after a drive of 5 minutes he asked me to double park on the right which I did, I again braked gently and stopped car putting the P Gear and pulling up the handbrake (while pressing the button) do not use handbrake without pressing the handbrake button it will make a screeching noise. The Filipino guy started his test very confident at first but made some Immediate fails during lane changing and also was about to collide while changing lane with a truck, RTA instructor held the steering wheel and go it positioned correctly. He drove quiet a while and we got back into the school. I and the other guys waited impatiently for our results, after a wait of 30mins the Indian guys name was called he went to collect his results and was told he passed, then after a few seconds my name was called i went little bit trembling but in back of my mind knew I made it, he said " Pass", that moment my joy had no bounds I was the happiest man on earth. I owe all credit to my supporting friends and family and most above all to Almighty God.

The Key to Success- Drive confidently!!!
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