RTA Driving Test experience from Muneeb

I must say that its all about the level of the confidence and
showing the examiner of about how careful and confident you are while
driving during the final road test.

I already had a LTV license from pakistan since 2007 hence I enrolled for 20 classes at Belhasa at Alwasl.

had been reading this forum again and again since past week. As I was a
bit scared and nervous about my Final Road Test which was today; thanks
to Allah Almighty that I was able to pass the road test.

Here is my experience of the Final Road Test-:

got up at around 5:00 AM in the morning today, after prayer I had my
breakfast and at around 7:00 AM I left for Belhasa and I reached there
at around 7:45.

I was told by one of the guys to submit
the appointment confirmation letter. After around 15 minutes my name
was called along with 2 other guys. Please note that at this moment I
was nervous as hell and was also sweating a lot.

lol! Mybad!

examiner asked us to wait outside near the car. We did as he told. Then
he came out and called my name. I was like; Yes Sir. He said "You
Drive". I relied in my nervous voice slowly. Okay Sir.

I adjusted my Seat, Streeing Rear view mirror and Side mirrors and put
my seat belt on. The car was already start. So I politely asked that may
I move out of the parking? The examiner replied: Yes Yalla Go!

Before this moment I was confused on one step when I saw that the side mirrors were not automatic ie motorized. There was a knob on the side of the mirror inside which I used to adjust the mirrors.

I reversed the car and moved towards the gate to exit. I stoped and assessed and moved to right in around 3 seconds. When I turned to right on the 2 lane road he asked me to change the lane. I did the mirrors signaled mirrors blind spot and changed the line. Then out of know where he asked to speed up you are going slow. I had this point in mind I was already going at 60 Speed so I replied that the speed limit of this road is 60. He replied Iwah!! Okay.

Then he asked me to take the right and go to the highway I did and merged in the lane
successfully and then he again asked me to change the lane to left. Then change to right. Then turn right to exit the highway.

As I was exiting the highway he asked me to park the car on the side of the road. I did my mirror check gave indicator and took the car off the road in the sand and put handbrake, Gear to P, Hazards. He said change and I got off to the back seat.

He did say me once don't touch the yellow lines. When I parked the car I thought that I have failed. And I starting praying. I didn't know what was going to happen.

the next guy came to the drivers seat. he did pre checks and when he was planning to go off the road he made following mistakes

1. Switched on the vipers instead of indicators.
2. on the round about he got in the leftmost lane but did not give indicator until he entered the roundabout.
3. when he turned right took lot of time to merge in the lane and drone on yellow lines
4. drove at around 70 KM when examiner said you are going so slow. please note that it was 1 lane road 40 km max.
5. then he couldn't park 90 degree (he tried twice)

then 3rd guy came on the driving seat. he made following mistakes:-
1. The guy when reversed out of parking he didn't get out confidently.
2. Then failed to stop at the stop line on which examiner scolded him for that.
3. Examiner asked to go right he almost went into the no entry
4. drove too fast for 2 lane road at speed more than 80 KM limit was 60 KM

In the end when came to the Belhasa again he didn't say anything and said wait and after almost 20 min he came out and called my name and said you passed.

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