New success story from Yanie

Hi Guys! I want to thank this site and Shams for the tips and encouragement from everyone!

I got my precious license in my second attempt last Sunday. Here's my tips;

Valuable Tips

Tip No. 1: Pray... Pray... Pray... Lift it up to God/Allah... He knows what He wanted for you.

Tip No. 2: Wear a decent and comfortable clothing. Examination starts the moment she/he calls your name and ask you to go inside the car.

Tip No. 3: Do all your checking. Do the DSSSM - Doors, Seat , Steering, Seat Belt & Mirror. Ensure that ALL you passengers are wearing a seat belt. Before proceeding, I asked the examiner if I shall go. I moved the car the moment she confirmed.

I was the first one so I have to bring out the car from the institute. This is my fear because on my first attempt, I am the second to drive but the first lady to bring out the car failed to safely manoeuvre. The instruction was to turn right after the stop sign. She signal right, look to her left and decided to make the right turn. But she didn't see the approaching car. We almost collide with the Pajero and the driver was so mad. After that we sensed that it will be harder for us to pass since the examiner was mad already. She didn't trust anyone of us after that. She will intervene even we are in control. So we all failed! So that's where my fear came from being the first aside from the fact that we never pass by that exit with my instructor except in the assessment wherein the examiner was the one to bring out the car.

Tip No. 3: STOP completely when there's a stop sign and proceed if its safe to do so!

I successfully brought out the car from the institute and I maintained my speed at 40 kph since that's the max in the area. Instruction after the other. Turn right, turn left...

Tip No. 4: Listen carefully. Some examiner easily get mad when you keep repeating their instruction so be attentive. Also acknowledge the instruction.

Tip No. 5: If no instruction it means straight. :)

Tip No. 6: In merging and there's traffic jam, wait for a chance you to proceed. Be patient.

After U-turn, turn let, turn right...

Tip NO. 7: Don't forget your signal, head checks and your hazard sign whenever required to use

After my turn which took me around 11 minutes, the second lady's turn. She needs to merge the traffic and she failed to control her steering wheel. Maybe because of nerves. The examiner already intervene and asked her stop immediately. It only took her less than 3 minutes.

Tip NO. 8: Don't let your nerves get into you. Please refer to tip no. 1 to control this. :)

Its now the 3rd lady's turn, she have to merge the traffic and make a U-turn in the signal. She did it successfully but so slow in turning. The examiner called her attention on it. While approaching the bus stop, the bus signal left since its coming out but she proceed to go. Then, the examiner needs to intervene by pressing her break and her steering wheel. She was asked to proceed after to bring the car back to the institute.

As soon as we arrived, the examiner went on the RTA's room and we waited in the waiting area. Longest 20 minutes of my life. :) After 10 minutes, both the lady 2 and 3 were called and there were given a paper. I still have to wait. After a while I was called and informed that I pass but I have to wait since the examiner needs to sign my papers.

After paying another AED 305 for the license and waiting for another 30 minutes. Finally I got my precious, almost AED6,000 license. :)
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