Vehicle registration renewal in Dubai

renew car registration in dubai

You need to renew your car registration once every year.

Documents required

1. Motor vehicle insurance certificate
2. Old registration card
3. “Passed” car test certificate


1. Settle the payment of fines (if any); you can check and pay any fine at the Dubai Police website.
2. Go to Dubai Traffic Department/other emirates traffic department or to (Tasjeel Eppco, Emarat Shamil or Belhasa's Wasel to have the car tested
3. Pay the fees
4. Wait for your registration card (valid for one year). In case your car is no longer financed by a bank, show the bank clearance certificate.
5. Take a sticker with the new registration expiry date and place it over the old one (on the rear number plate)


  •  Car test Dh120 - Done from tassel
  •  Registration Dh320

  • And other fee if you have any fine you have to pay during registration


• New vehicles are exempted from test for 2 consecutive years.
• Some companies will do all procedures for an additional fee, including collecting and returning the vehicle to you. You can also check with your insurance company, since many have introduced a free/paid service.

My experience on my first year car renewal

Time taken for my vehicle registration in Tasjeel Dubai

  • Vehicle test in Tasjeel - 27 min

     10 min in Queue
     12 min for vehicle inspection
       5 min to collect report

  • Car registration in RTA - 20 min
          10 min for the token
          10 min for procedure

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