Dubai Driving test tips and experience from Hashir Majeed

Name: Hashir Majeed
Attempt: Second
School : EDI

Passing the driving test is 80% a mental game. Indeed it is a mental torture - the wait until our name is called out and the overloaded  tension that thrusts into your brain once the Examiner sits on the front passenger seat, cannot be put in words.

The big day.

It was my 2nd attempt and my test was scheduled at 8.20am on
Sunday the 8th of February 2015 at RTA - Al Qusais. I woke up early at 5.30am,
prayed Fajr and had my share of requests to the Almighty. Later I got ready,
had my breakfast and was at the testing center at 7.45am (30mins before the
test). This is important because it helps you to settle down and ensure that you
have enough time before your name is called out. While I was waiting, I had
brief chats with the guys over there and most of them said it was their 2nd,
3rd or 4th attempt. I got to know their share of failure stories, which in my
case, I did have at the back of my head so that I don't make those mistakes.
Also, it was good to talk with someone so that the tension in the mind is
reduced. Wishing the guys who were about to take the test, brought some sense
of ease to my mind which helped me a lot when my name was called out.

The examiner came out of the room and called my name first
and the other 2. I wished them luck and got into the driving seat and did the

What is pre-driving checks?

pre-driving checks (DSSSM - Doors, Seat , Steering, Seat Belt & Mirror). I
asked the examiner if I can start and he said ok. Reverse gear, Signal Left and
release hand break and my test started. I
had to reverse the car to my left and go right, which I did it with ease. Got
out of the EDI institute and 2 minutes into the test, I was driving in a 40kmph
road at 30-35kmph and in awhile he asked me 'What is the speed of this road?',
I said 40 and accelerated. Once I got into a larger road, he asked me to lane
change left, which I did and again, he asked me to lane change right, but few
meters ahead since I saw a pedestrian crossing, I did not lane change.

A rough tone from examiner and polite answer.

He asked
me in a rough tone - "Why didn't you lane change?", to which I
replied that there was a pedestrian crossing which is why I didn't. He didn't
say anything and after I went passed the pedestrian crossing I did the lane
change as he requested.

Dont go slow. why ?

During the test twice he warned me of going slower than
the road speed, which I believe was noted down by him. Apart from that it was a
lot of left and right turns and U-turn which
I did it with ease by stopping when
required and giving way to the vehicles in the main road. At the end he asked
me to a 90 degree parking which came out perfect. With not much of hopes I
silently got off and sat at the back.

My co-learners day- wishing luck

The next guy sat in the driver's seat and did the DSSSM. He
was asked to go to his left (which means he had to reverse to the right in the
lane closer to him and go straight). He started reversing to the right and out
of excitement he reversed to the wrong side of the road and started to drive in
the wrong side ! - Immediate fail !. The examiner immediately told him to stop
and with a smile he told him "My friend, don't be tensed. Be cool !".
I was surprised to hear him say that because he never uttered such a word to
me, if he had, I would have driven even cooler. There after this guy drove
well, with few sudden acceleration and not slowing down in a few places. There
was a point when the examiner told him to take a right in a by road just before
the roundabout, but this guy tried to go into the roundabout and again the
examiner pointed out his mistake. At the end, he also did the 90 degree parking
and walked out.

The next guy got in and did the DSSSM and he was asked to do
the same as the previous guy (which means he had to reverse to the right in the
lane closer to him and go straight). He started reversing, but the car made a
creak noise and only then he realized that the hand break was on. The examiner
again told him - "My friend, be cool". Thereafter he drove a distance
and was asked to take a few lefts and rights. Once when he tried to take a left
from the T-junction, he took the car while a vehicle was coming on the main
road - Immediate fail !. The examiner stopped the car and told him to focus.
Then he drove about and again while he was about to move to the main road from
the merging road. He tried to enter the road while there were vehicles coming
and again the examiner intervened - Immediate fail !. With much tense he took
the vehicle inside the institute area and when asked to do a 90 degree parking
in the garage he almost knocked the vehicle beside - Immediate fail !.

After parking the vehicle, the examiner with a smile called
out the names of the other 2 guys and asked them if they knew what their
mistakes were. He did not speak a single word with me. I thanked him and we got
out of the car and were waiting for the results. We 3 were discussing amongst
ourselves saying that if at all we failed, it is due to our faults and it
didn't have to do with the examiner's attitude because this examiner was one of
a kind I would say.

The joyous moments

After a wait of 10mins, the guy at the counter at the road
test center called out the other 2 guys names and said that they were failed.
My name was called and I heard those magical words - "YOU PASS !". I
was the happiest man on earth at that moment, all praise to the almighty !


Hope my experience is a learning point for some of you. As I
have said before, it is 80% a mental game, so try to be relaxed as much as
possible. If possible have an extra 1 hour DAY class the day before the road
test. Practice Parking. Clear all doubts with your instructor and the next day
the license will be in your pocket !

Final words
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