The journey after passing Dubai driving test

It was a sweet moment by hearing the sound from the examiner that I have passed the test. Here you go, I was whispering my self I am going to drive in the thrilled roads in Dubai so I need to collect my license 10 years valid Dubai license

Collect license

I have collected the approval paper from inspector and go to the Pass Counter. Submit along with emirates ID and Dh100. Collect your test file and submit to Control counter.
After processing, pay required fee and proceed to photo area. When my name is called out, they will take the photo. In a few minutes, I got my driving licence. Hurray Party time
Licence fee: Dh260

Buy a car 

Obviously my next aim was to buy a car to make easy commute to office and for family outing and shoppings. It was looks easy but found confusing with a person like me with a low budget.

What to buy pre-owned or new? Asked this to few friends all suggested to go for pre owned one the reason is I have to get more expertise in low power engine less than 2 like Corolla, tiida or Yaris and once I get the expertise I can go for big cars that sounds logical to me. So I have decided to go for pre-owned.
If you are planning to buy a new one there are plenty of bank loans available

Banks loans: 

Offered for new vehicles for a salary as low as Dh4,000. However, a down payment of 20 per cent on the value of the vehicle is mandatory according to the Central Bank’s rules, both for new and used vehicles.
Interest or profit rates: For pre-owned cars it is usually higher compared to new cars, which could be as high as five per cent per year, while for new cars the rates range between 2.5 per cent to 4 per cent per year.

For me the best choice to look for the car was Dubizzle ads. You should be very careful you can see all kind of people there. Other options you can choose to purchase from Al-futtaim pre-owned showroom, 4x4 motors etc. Finally I got a nice 2011 yaris car a much cheaper rate. Happy :)

Registration Procedure:

I have visited approved testing facility Tasjeel in SZR.

Registration renewal services to insurance policy holders: RTA has approved eight insurance companies: AXA Insurance, Fujairah Insurance, National General Insurance, Noor Takaful, Oman Insurance, Orient Insurance, RSA Insurance and Salama Insurance.

I took the insurance from Oman insurance which valid for one year and submitted the test result of vehicle in tasjeel counter. I have got new number plate and registration card on the spot.

Registration Procedure:
Procedure to renew registration is the same for cars and motorcycles.

  1. Purchase a vehicle insurance policy valid for one year, either from eight RTA trusted agents or from any insurance service provider in the country. Insurance can be purchased online from the firms listed on the RTA website.
  2.  If the vehicle is over three years old, it needs to be tested at any RTA-approved testing facility spread across the city. Vehicles less than three years old don’t need testing. However, in case of change in ownership, even vehicles less than three years old need testing.
  3. Result of the test is conveyed directly to the RTA customer care centre attached to each testing facility. Motorist should collect the test results from the counter at the customer care centre after waiting for his turn.
  4. Whether the vehicle fails or passes the test, the owner receives a certificate that clearly mentions the result. If the vehicle fails the test, things that need to be repaired in the vehicle are mentioned in the certificate.
  5. The repair must be done and the vehicle retested within 31 days. The first retest is free of charge. If the vehicle fails a second time the next retest will incur a fee of Dh35. This test must take place within 31 days of the first retest.
  6. Clear all pending traffic fines logged on your traffic file even if the fine is for other vehicles registered in your name.
  7. Fines can be paid online through RTA website or mobile app as well as through Dubai Police website. Fines can also be cleared over the counter during the registration process.
  8. Once the registration process is done, collect the new registration card and sticker that needs to be pasted on rear number plate.
  9. In case of new registration, number plates will have to be purchased and a regular long number plate will cost Dh35, while a short number plate will cost Dh25.

Special Dubai brand number plates are also available for Dh420 for both rear and front plates.
Registration Fees:
Light Vehicle: Dh440 (Dh120 inspection, Dh320 renewal fees).
Motorcycle: Dh285 (Dh120 inspection, Dh165 renewal fees).
Off-Road Bike: Dh265 (Dh100 inspection, Dh165 renewal fees).
Heavy Vehicle: Dh820 (Dh150 inspection, Dh670 renewal fees).

Documents required:

  • Vehicle owner’s passport and residence visa copy
  • Emirates ID Card
  • Existing vehicle registration card
  • Fee
  • Insurance papers

Vehicle Testing

New cars and motorcycles are exempt from the yearly vehicle inspection for the first three years. All vehicles over three years old must undergo an annual roadworthiness test. Vehicle inspections and licence renewals can usually be done at the same time.
In Dubai, vehicle testing can be completed at more than 15 locations through any of RTA-approved testing facilities. Here is the list of approved facilities:

  • • Tasjeel
  • • Shamil
  • • Wasel
  • • Car
  • • Tamam
  • • Mumayaz
  • • Shirwai

The annual vehicle inspection parameters:
The annual vehicle tests are conducted to check the brakes, tyres, suspension, gear, wheel alignment, emissions, electrics, lights and general bodywork as well as glass tint, which cannot exceed more than 30 per cent.
If vehicle registration has lapsed for two years or more, the RTA may decide to write off the vehicle.

Get the Salik tag on your vehicle

Salik tags are available at all petrol stations and RTA customer service centres in Dubai. Salik tag can be pasted on any part of the vehicle’s windscreen, provided it is clearly visible.

All vehicles passing through the Salik toll gates in Dubai should have Salik tags on the windscreen, irrespective of which emirate the vehicle is registered from.

A Salik tag costs Dh100, which includes a Dh50 balance which is credited to the account.
A motorist has to ensure his Salik account is topped up while passing through the Salik gate.
In case a motorist passes through the Salik gate without balance in his account, the account should be topped within five days from the date to avoid fines, which is Dh50 per unpaid trip.

Visit to know more about salik.

Getting Ready for the first drive 

Now the much awaited time for the first drive with out any guide or examiner. I recommend you to practice for an hour in the 60 or 80 roads before taking to highway to brushup your memory. Please mail me if you need any help on this stage.

Before start your trip ensure 
  • Fixed number plate properly
  • Fixed salik tag on wind shield
  • Enough petrol
  • Holding the registration card, driving license and insurance copy
  • Finally get a rough idea about the route you going through google map. You can place GPS in your car for easy and hassle free driving
So start.. Have a safe journey :)

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