Success story from Anonymous on Dubai driving test - the real tips you should know

Name : Anonymous
Driving school: Belhasa Alwasl
First attempt
First up I would like to thank all the people who posted tips and recommendations for passing the test, it really helped and I was able to pass my Final RTA test on my very first
so I feel I should add on a few points to make it more up to date.
So I gave my test at the areas near Belhasa Al Wasl yesterday, and the biggest challenge that I faced here was the fact that it was really foggy and driving conditions were more harsh and visibility did reduce slightly.
The test was routine, the instructor asked the candidates to take out the car move inwards through the single carriageway and make their way towards Al Khail road and merge with the traffic then onwards to Oudh Metha road with lane changes and speed accelerations.

The tips that I would like to give are:

  • * Admit to the fact that you are going to be nervous, so instead of trying to beat it try and work better with the pressure. It does help sometimes having some amount of pressure. Try to focus at the job in hand. Don't worry about failing and getting negative about it. Instead focus on making it through the test and drive safe and at a comfortable speed.

  • * The examiner would ask you to increase the speed while merging with the traffic at speedways, be sure to increase the speed at a gradual yet moderate speed. Dont try to jerk on the accelerator this would just cause you to lose control and make you seem nervous in front of the examiner.

  • * During lane changes, always remember to make the lane change only after you have done the 4 step process of checking the Rear view, side view and shoulder. However once you have committed to the lane change and start moving your car, do not use the brakes to slow down as this is not only dangerous but also a critical mistake which the examiner can use to fail you.
  • * And remember always that whatever you hear about examiners is not always true, they are well trained professionals who are only looking out for the safety of yourself and other road users. So they would be a little harsh and come across as downright rude but this is only to ensure that you can drive under pressure and that you are confident in your abilities at the same time you know the rules and regulations. They have no personal vendettas against you, and they get nothing in return to fail you. But due to their civic responsibilities they need to ensure you are a safe driver before they let you obtain a license.
  • * When you are giving your test, mute out everything else and focus completely on your driving this will help in distracting yourself from the pressure and also enable you to focus better. At the end of it all, the examiner is not concerned with if you can afford to take another test or not. The only thing he is concerned with is to know that you are a safe driver and can handle yourself and the car up to a certain mark.
I hope these help, please feel free to ask me any questions.
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