Prayer and confidence is the key to success in your driving test by richie

Name : Richie
Driving school: Galadari institute
Second attempt

Test procedure explaining by Richie

Passed my licence test at Galadari institute yest at 2:30pm by Gods grace! The blog was really helpful. This was my second attempt and i had only 5 minor mistakes thanks to god. In the first attempt i had 11 minor mistakes and 1 major mistake, which was not stopping at a stop sign.

I arrived at the center by 11:30, and had to wait till 2:00 to get my chance, I was the first one to drive. I made sure i did all the primary checks like seat, steering, mirrors and seat belt, put the car in drive, pulled down the handbrake and put the indicators before reversing(important step which people often forget).

Roundabout and parking

I was told to drive for some time and to take my chances , ya3ni make good judgement. I drove and was asked to take a left after roundabout, after taking it i made sure i did the mirror check ,head check and the indicators and turned to the slow lane. I was again told to take a U turn from a roundabout, again i made sure i went to the slow lane soon after exiting the roundabout( this is a must do procedure and you should not move along the fast lane for a long time).During my session I also made sure that I stopped at all stop signs. I was told to take a right and again a right and finally i was told to drive into a parking lot and made to park in a 90 degree parking. I parked and put the car on park and pulled the handbrake up. The officer then told the next person to drive. I got back and was pretty nervous about my outcome, even though I felt Ok with my driving, because the officer told me that i had to perfect my parking. After everybody's session when we arrived at the center, the officer was talking to the other two about each of their mistakes and after that he talked to me and told me, u have to be careful wen u do parking and said but today my friend u pass! I couldn't believe it, and I couldn't till i got my licence printed lol.

The nice officer

The R.T.A officer was very kind and funny, he kept encouraging all of us to drive without tension and always keep smiling, and he even kept talking and cracking jokes in between our sessions, God bless him!. Unfortunately though other two people with me failed, because one guy dint stop at a stop sign and the other guy kept going on a fast lane without changing, even after the officer trying to help him understand this is not the way to go. Neways I sincerely wish them all the best for their next try, and I pray they get it.

I want to tell u guys, prayer and confidence is the key, and along with that i have to tell all of u that even if u fail, please don't blame the officer or the institute because, in most cases its not true, and if we keep blaming others for our failure we will not learn and correct our mistake. Most people do not understand the major mistakes ya3ni the Immediate fails and minor mistakes. Learn in such a way that even if u might make a few small mistakes, never make an immediate fail mistake, and this tip for me was crucial in passing the test.


  1. Reach for the test early
  2. In case of fail learn and correct our mistake instead of blaming
  3. Learn in such a way that even if u might make a few small mistakes, never make an immediate fail mistake
  4. Go to the the slow lane soon after exiting the roundabout