Major and Minor Mistakes list in Dubai driving test

Which moments you are hating in your driving test journey in Dubai or which moment you love most? Surely if you undergo at least one final RTA test you might know that.

You love mostly collecting your test score sheet with the result as Pass, and hating to fail and that too with a lot of mistakes. But sometimes we fail in tests and get the test result paper which lists major and minor mistakes during the driving test.

See the classification of two types of fails and related items based on the test score sheets which I collected during my various tests in the Driving license test in Dubai.

Our deep-dive assessment test helps you to check your knowledge level before the final test. It will go through a series of topics which cover on the final test and gives you deep-dive analysis on the are you  need to focus to improve your test score

Immediate fails

As the category says it will fail you immediately if you committed any such mistakes. If for example, if a candidate changing the lane without ensuring whether it is clear or not he failed at that moment itself. No further testing required in that case.
The types of mistakes which falling under immediate fails are,

  • Making an action triggering the intervention of the examiner
This is like the candidate made a wrong decision to merge into a high way without checking whether the vehicles are coming from the left or not. it states that the student has driven in such a way that -> it made a collision or accident with any other car or the objects like pavements or post, or it went to hit the object but because another car driver suddenly turned or examiner helped to avoid such collision.
    • Lack of vehicle control to the extent that proceeding with traffic - This will be in the candidate mark sheet if he/she doesn't have much control on the car. Just for example he may not stop on the required spot or be swerving while changing lane all make this error.
  • Failure to follow the required maneuver
  • Failure to ensure the lane is clear before lane changing.
You can find more immediate fails here - Top immediately fail list RTA driving test

Minor mistakes

The minor mistakes are which may happen for learning drivers or even for experienced drivers. In your driving test, the same type of mistakes will count repeatedly. For example; if you swerving during lane change multiple times, it will count as how much time you committed that mistake.
The types of mistakes which falling under minor mistakes are,


    • Checking mirror too late
  • Does not check mirrors before signaling or braking

Lane change

    • Unsteady movement
  • Sudden swerving
follow here to know more about correct lane change.

# Approach

• Too fast


• does not give way to the vehicle

Turn right

• Does not start from the correct lane or line of traffic
  • Does not follow road markings
  • Does not finish turn in one lane


• Drives too fast for the condition
  • Move off after stopping

Position on Road

  • • Drives either too far right or too far left of the lane.
  • Not using the correct lane

Safety margin

Does not leave enough room when passing a fixed object.


  • Does not check the blind spot by making a head check.


It is important to note that the candidate fails if he committed any immediate fails or minor mistakes more than 11. If you get less than or equal to 11 minor mistakes you will pass. But if you get an immediate fail the result will be which you should not wish to be.
Have you got any other mistakes in your testing score sheet? Please share your thoughts.
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