How to configure Etisalat DLINK wifi router to use for Du Internet Service

Etisalat DLINK 2750U wifi router to use for Du Internet Service

Yes It is possible. Your du technical staff may say it will not work etisalat DLink 2750U router for DU internet connection. But it wrong. I spend couple of days to figure it out. And its working fine for me.

How did I achieve,

  • Did the factory reset of the router  by pressing reset button

  • Did the wire less configuration setup as mentioned here in Dlink DSL 2750U Router Setting
    -> Link
  • Then I did the internet Configuration setup

     Click Advanced Setup > WAN Service
Selected the second option, then in the next screen I selected IP over ethernet, click next

I the next screen entered the static IP address as mentioned here.

then click apply, restart router, BRAVO! I can access the du broad band internet now on my Etisalat router. 

how to connect dlink wireless router to a laptop - 

Power on the router, connect the eth cable to your laptop or pc and you can access from the browser like when prompted user name and password enter admin/admin

# Conclusion

This short note may not help you fully to configure Etisalat wifi router DSL 2750 to use for DU, but I have written to assure you that it is possible by changing some configuration. Just play around a while before you heading to carrefour or SharfDG to purchase  a new one. If you couldn't take help from your network friend.

And obviously DLINK DSL 2750  is a powerful device so don't spend more money to buy a new one.

Is this helped you? Can you share your success story in the configuration?