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Not every one as lucky as my friend Azar who got his dubai driving license in his first attempt. I got mail from Oliver who is my regular blog reader by saying that he is going to attend his 5th Dubai driving license test and need tips. Oliver is a nice guy and he got marvelous 10 years of experience in driving in his hometown but still he took 5 times !!. I don't know whether he passed or not in his 5th attempt. And recently anaveed wrote to me and said he is going to attend his 10th attempt. I couldn't believe guys. List doesn't end here. So many friends started writing to me on my mail id I am providing my best answer as my experience.
(names changed slightly to protect privacy)
What's going wrong here. Yea true, different people have different experience and different view on the same thing. Few guys are very lucky and few learns quickly all that matters. Here I am sharing the questions and answers with you which asked by one amongst you.

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Lane Change

Question: For my lane change manuering ,when i do shoulder check my car swerve (moves ),what is going wrong i cant understand please help me am I holding the steering wrong while moving my head,please help.

This is one of the problem for every one during the learning mainly because we hold the steering very tightly. So avoid that first. You should hold steering very lightly.
The swerving happening mainly because you are trying to change the lane during the shoulder check which is a dangerous act.
Take care below things

  • Keep the steering straight while doing the mirror and shoulder check. And after shoulder check you have to check again the center mirror. Once all this clear only you turn the steering to the lane you wish to move too. 
  • You have to turn smoothly to the new lane once checked properly
Practice more with your instructor.


Question:While turning the car to right for changing road,intersection, how to start and how to turn correctly

  • Switch on your right signal
  • Stop in the stop signal - Just before the solid line. you have to stop completely if that is stop signal even if there is no traffic from left side. If it broken line it means give way, and you can see give way signal too. Here you don't need to stop completely. Here you continue if no traffic from you left
  • Scan the traffic from your left side. If there is no traffic you can proceed
  • If there is traffic wait for the traffic to clear. Once clear you can proceed
Question from Zayed


I had given my first road test yesterday, I got third chance to drive,All initial preparations set properly eg: Door, Staring, Seat belt, Seat position and Mirror. As per the instruction of the inspector I started driving. Got roundabout , then right turn to highway, then lane change. I believe l did proper everything , but at the time of lane changing, First lane change to left was ok, and coming to right lane change , checked rear mirror , turned on indicators, right mirror , shoulder check, then changed. the car behind was almost same speed as me. So once i thought enough room is there to move i changed the lane. In between Inspector caught the steering and told me car is very near,But I had already changed clearly and the car behind was within safe distance.I told him there was enough distance. And then got a u-turn, because of the nervousness of previous act, I turned off indicator before entering to u-turn after entering leftmost lane. He asked me why do you turned off, Then again got Highway, right turn, drove back to school. After half an hour wait result paper got. and it was failed. And the bad part was it was mentioned 6 immediate fails:

  1. Making an action triggering intervention of the examiner
  2. Failure to follow required maneuver
  3. Making an action causing collision
  4. Colliding with any mobile or immobile object
  5. Not adhering to traffic signs
  6.  Failure to ensure the road is clear before entering

I understand why he give 1 and 3, still wonder about other mistakes. All three people got failed in my batch, even though the second person drive decently without remarkable mistakes. I think decisions depends on your luck and mood of instructor. Dear Shams can u please help me with 2nd immediate fail.I have applied for classes again. 4th point made me very sad, It invoked my confidence level. How Inspector can give such remarks.??

Answer >> I guess you got the '2.Failure to follow required maneuver' fail item because you haven't followed correct indicator on u-turn also changed lane even there is no distance.
You can ask to the examiner for the justification for the fail items he mentioned in your test paper on the same test day. Surely they will explain it.
Don't think much about your negative experience which affects your confidence level. Try your best next time.
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