Drive safely on U-turns learn the tips

Do you know how to drive in the U-turns? Do you know how to safely take a U-turn?
Driving in U-turn is an important subject in the driving test and in your driving practice and it is mandatory you should know because in your final driving test you have to face it to grab your license.

# The U-turn drive in a final test

One day I was driving through the Al-Qusais area and I am in open U-turn (I will talk about open/closed U-turn in a moment). In front of my car I saw EDI test car which hold the label behind the car saying 'caution.. Driver under the test' I looked in to the car and saw there are three candidates and an examiner inside. One of them was driving and he is going to take U-turn. He given the indicator. Good. You should provide the indicator. Next he looked the on-coming traffic from his left side. He wait patiently and after ensuring there is no further vehicle he took the U-turn. There is another vehicle in his opposite side, he given the way to him as well Is he right on his procedure?
Yes he is absolutely right. In open U-turn he should give way to the vehicle to your opposite side too.

# Type of mistake which you should avoid

Here the majority of the student committing the mistake is even if there is no traffic coming from right side too he will wait the command from the examiner to proceed. You should not. They will watch every moment and if you are waiting for the examiner to say the result is the candidate is not having confidence to drive on traffic which is major mistake. Instead you should scan the traffic properly and take a proper decision. Ensure there is no traffic from your right side and proceed