Create your own blog or website in Dubai in 5 minutes

Create your own blog or website in Dubai in 5 minutes

You may be knowing that UAE is having highest penetration of smartphone and well connected on the internet and the online purchase trend is increasing day by day.

It is the time now you have to show your presence on internet so every one can connect to you and you can increase your business double or triple or so many folds based on how well you are doing on online.

Answering the type of questions you may have in your mind.

Question #1 Why I need website or Blog

This may be the first question came to your mind if you see this topic. I may not recommend to you create your own website if 3 or 5 year before, because people are less connected over the internet. They never research on the internet before going to watch a movie or before going to buy a book. But the things changed over years now if I am going to buy a book on latest fiction I am researching on internet by reading the descriptions and review comments. I am buying that book if a number of people tells good thing about that book. Similarly I am doing on the place where to eat, where to go on the coming weekend and even which shops running the great deals now. I believes you may also doing some part of it or all of it. Still you wonder why I need a website for my business or a blog show casing my portfolio?

The reason is simple our business also should have presence in the internet. Suppose you are an owner of Car Repairing Garage in Dubai, If I am searching where to repair my car I will go and searching in the Google and I am finding your garage results in the result page and when I click on the result I am getting your business contact details and I am booking appointment with you. But if I am not finding you I may be getting the address of other garage owner and force to go with him even if you are awesome.

Question #2 There are so many Local directories, why I need my own website

Let me tell you the local directories are enough if you just want to share your phone numbers with customers but if you want to showcase your latest work online or if you are having a flowershop and want to share the price list and want to enables online booking for flowers you can't do that right. Also the online directories are many of them outdated. The customers people like me more tends to see the authentic site in your business name to decide to business with you. That's what you need to create a website to showcase your business or professionalism.
  • Create a domain name on your business address. If your business firm name is xyz flower centre you want to create a domain in the address of when the customer looks for flowers in Dubai your webaddress will display 
  • Create website in popular webhosting like bluehost.
  • Fill your awesome content

Build your website in less than 5 minutes.. follow the video