The 10 simple Tips to find great job in Dubai

Find the right job in Dubai is a challenge
Right strategy helps you to find right job in Dubai
It was a long journey for me to find a suitable job in Dubai that match to my profile.

I have employed by an outsourcing agency and landed in Dubai in 2011, It was easy as the interview happened from India. But right after completing one and half year in that company I have started to search that took me one year to land a great job. I am happy now.

But if I start looking now I would have done in much lesser time. Why? Because I have learned so much during my job hunting.

The learning from life experience is very important and by sharing that knowledge with you is far more important because you may have much lesser time than one year. I guess either you landed in Dubai for a visit visa and hunting for job in short span of two to three months or currently employed with someone in Dubai and needs to switch immediately because you need a better one.

Here I am sharing few job finding tips you can use in Dubai to land in a great job. Some of them you may be knowing already or you already applied. Still you can follow other tips and find the results soon.

Tip #1 : The right resume or CV

In job search the 'right' resume is very important to grab a right job in Dubai.
Need to scan through your resume to ensure you have the following 
  • Add Your career objectives
  • Experience profile - mention the designation, duration of work and company details. This should show before the educational qualification if you are an experienced person. In the chronological order (recent first)
  • Educational qualifications - Brief tabular representation of your educational qualification. In the chronological order.
  • Place a presentable photo in the first page.
  • Make a short resume of page length of two and a long resume. Provide the long resume when requesting for detailed one.
  • Add your certification details
  • Add reference details.
  • Add your skill set
resume sections - job searching tip in dubai
And avoid!
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes. It will make the recruiters to reject at first glance.
  • Avoid adding long list of hobbies, and add the hobbies if you have any thing relevant to the job you applying.

Tip#2 : Understand the job tools available and register your CV.

In Dubai we had a lot of career tools. Here is what I learned on the job tools
  • Register on the popular portals in Dubai that lists various jobs in various industries,

Following are the popular portals. Click on them to visit and register
Also careerjet Link-> popular acts as a search engine for the most of job sites. That helps to search in multiple job sites same time

You are getting more chances to get hired by registering in the online career portals. But how do your profile get more recruiters view? 

Keep updated the resume. If you just created resume and never visit the resume it never helps you. Recently updated resume appear first when recruiter looks for candidate.

Recruiters using keywords to find the candidate. You make sure you have added all skill sets you hold. Job sites works in a way to check keyword on your profile and showing up.

Ensure you filled all sections and created a presentable CV. You can check how the recruiters viewing your profile and asses that.

Tip#3 : Search and Apply jobs effectively

As I am a Java developer I always use the keyword 'Java' or the skill sets I hold like java script, Spring etc. You can search with the keyword of your skill set.

You can apply from the job site itself or take the recruiter mail from the job advertisement and send the resume via mail with proper cover letter. Many of the recruiter prefers to get the application via mail that is the reason they giving the mail Id. In that case you will get the preference if you send the application via e-mail.

Also you can apply via visiting the career section of major companies like
- Emirates
- Al Futtaim
- Emaar Properties
- Visit for more companies details in MENA region.

If you are in the visit visa, you can make a visit to the companies in Dubai and drop your resume. If the suitable position arrives HR will contact you.

Tip 4# Deliver the right 

What I meant by saying the 'Deliver the right' is to provider the right resume to the right job. 

Normally people will do to send the same resume for various position. Even if the sales position or office administrator or content editor people tends to send the same resume. He may got the experience on these three jobs but not tuning the resume appropriately to the targeting job will reduce the chance of shortlisting. The solution is to create different resumes to different position and highlight the experience in that field.

Tip 5# Apply with cover letter

Applying with the relevant cover letter will definitely gives you a weightage over other applicants. So you have to ensure the cover letter specifically targeting the job you're applying.

Tip 6# online presence

You can have the online presence by creating a profile on professional networking site such as LinkedIn and make sure you have filled all the sections in it.

Try to get the recommendations from your old managers and colleagues, it will help you a lot in your next job search. Also mention your LinkedIn profile URL in the resume

In  Dubai 82% of employers research a candidate online before calling them for interview - Make sure you have public profile.
Mostly employers are looking for 'industry knowledge and expertise (27%), Professional experience (24%), Professionalism (17%) etc. source - Bayt

Tip 7# Utilize social networking sites

Sometimes you may have send hundreds of application but still not finding an response. Don't disappoint. It might happen those positions are filled through references. How can you get references in your dream company?

You can get references by make use of social networking sites or communities.
  • make networks using linkedin, you can connect to various HR and managers of various companies in linkedin you might be doing that already. But how can you utilize that? Once you got the connection send an enquiry to them asking for any career opportunity currently available that suites your profile. If they are looking for a person like you that moment, you are getting a chance right away. Don't forget to update your linkedin profile when you sending an enquiry. Because they will be checking your profile immediately in that case.

Tip 8# follow-ups with the recruiters on the results

Tip 9# interviews should be prepared well in advance as we get very limited number of opportunities.

Tip 10# create network (untilize linked in or your personal network), start apply one month before coming to Dubai

Is there any tips you have learned during your job hunting you would like to share?