Driving License Experience - Karla Agno

I took my lessons in belhasa al wasl branch. I think it's a good idea to take the lessons in the main branch because it's easier to get familiar with the roads there. They have highways, residential roads, and a few roundabouts. In my experience, when I had my assessment and final road test, the road we used are the same ones as in the lessons. So, it was quite easy.
I came in at 7am to the center in preparation to my exam (which was scheduled 7:30). I took the seat behind the driver's seat which gave me the chance to drive second. When it was my turn, I made sure my left side was clear before driving. Remember to check your mirrors and shoulder as you do so and remember to turn off the hazard signal before u signal left.
When the road was clear, I drove off. It's important to remember that in the highway, you have to pick the pace up otherwise you will have a hard time changing lanes. I made sure I was showing the examiner that I was checking my mirrors and shoulder before changing lanes and speeding up at the same time. Remember to look ahead as well because there are instances that there are cones ahead so u don't have enough chance to change lanes quickly.
I waited for her instructions before I did anything. I find it best to respond to her instructions whenever she gave them. An 'ok' or 'Yes madam' was fine. This tells her that you are alert. I also kept my speed limit to 45 in the residential area and used my breaks slowly before entering the roundabouts and speed bumps. Be careful with the breaks. Only push the breaks quickly when there's a hazard ahead (jaywalkers, sudden approaching vehicles, etc). Examiners like a smooth ride.
Upon entering the roundabout, I made sure my left side was clear and my signals are on. When the examiner tells you to turn left in the roundabout, check your signals. Do a left signal first and a right, right before you enter the left side. This indicates the drivers behind you that you are not taking a u-turn. The Examiners will appreciate it.
Lastly, upon breaking for the other examinee, I signaled right, slowed down, checked my mirrors as I moved out of the road. I also put my gear on P and used the handbrake before pressing the hazard signal. And before coming out of the car, I checked behind me if there were approaching vehicles. When it was clear, I opened the door and went to the backseat.
I guess that was it. :)
Oh and one more thing... Try to remain calm and collected. I know everybody's nervous. I know I was. But what helped me was listening to some dance music before I took the exam (helped me loosen up a bit) and I was chewing gum. For me, chewing gum helps with stress for some reason. Also, wear comfortable shoes. Shoes that will make u feel the pedals not thick soled ones.
I hope this long reply helps.