Buy used car in Dubai - Things to know to every buyer

It looks everything easy in Dubai from outside. Same applies to buying used car too. Once got the driving license from Dubai I also got the same feeling that the difficult part is over, now I can go and buy a car and start driving. As I am an expat my aim was to buy the used car from Dubai and found that this task also tough in Dubai despite the fact there are many used car show rooms and dealers you can see every where.

There are numerous option when we start to think to buy a used car from Dubai. But nobody wants to end up in a situation like where my friend got into trouble. He got a branded new car from a Ford used car dealer ,by seeing the beauty of the car he immediately took the car without second thinking. And the day after in Dubai rained heavily and he found out that there are lot of water inside his car. He surprised and he taken to mechanic and he shown him that there are leakages in the roof.

  1. Find the right car
Finding a good car always challenging task. Also you decided to go for used car so you have the budget
    1. Dubizzle
    2. Other online store of used cars
    3. Friends and relatives
  1. Finalize the car
  2. Check the car
  3. Vehicle inspection Tasjeel
    1. Passing certificate
  4. Create Mulkiya from Tasjeel
  5. Get the number plate
  6. Salik tag
  7. Drive