School interview kg1 pattern

Do you know one of the toughest thing Dubai is getting school admission?
Yes, The time when parents become more worried and applying multiple schools and waiting for the call. Once you get the email you realizing they are doing the interview of kid who is 3.5 or 4 years old. But it is truth.

Dress and appearance

Give your kid a decent clothing, not the fancy dress or costumes. Formal is good and recommended. Dont give any toy on their hand on interviews. Also parents should wear the appropriate dressings. Remember the parent also they are taking interview without you knowing so your appearance also matters.

Reach 15 minutes early to avoid last minute stress.

Good morning, what is your name?
This will be the welcome tone for almost all KG interviews. So kid should be reply saying good morning and his or her name. So you should make them prepare to answer such questions right?

As they are kids they cannot learn all in one day. So you have to start early.
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scource- Roeder

Most of the kids will learn the name and colors by 2.5 years old. If not no worries, Start your home practice when they reach 3 years old.

Which you can start with?

The basics
  • Teach them the letters A to Z
  • Count one to 10
  • Identify the animals
  • Identify the colors
  • Teach family members name, if they ask for father name he should not say Papa :).. he should say your original name so you have teach that
  • Number of family members
  • Identify fruits and vegetables. Common fruits like banana orange apple etc. 

Important thing is your kid may say the all above things to you but you fear will they tell them during interview? 
Your question is valid and you cannot get an answer until you finish the interview because most of the kids are shy around the strangers. But how can you identify your kid will open their mouth. Use a trick. Meet your friend or neighbour just one week before the interview and tell them to do a mock interview. Also offer something to your kid if they answer every thing on the mock interview he will get a nice chocolate or toy. Repeat the pattern. Bet me they will open mouth on interview if you did this practice well.
Considering it is so difficult to get an interview call, with most school’s KG seats filling out with siblings or even the lottery system, it is tough for children to crack the only interview they might get to attend So need prior preparation.
Some advance
  • Teach one or two rhymes and let them sing aloud
  • Draw shapes such as circle, triangle, square  -- Well all this they have to teach why they asking this before the admission, yea the reason is they have lot of candidates but seats are less they have to eliminate few candidates rt?
  • lines, standing lines,
  • They draw two lines and ask which line bigger or smaller.
Super advance
Yes some schools are aggressive in their questions because they want ids with high IQ to keep their outstanding level.
  • “What’s the colour of your teeth? There’s a drink you have in the morning that has the same colour. What is it?”
  • “How do you eat a banana? What do you do with the peel?”
  • “Are those tiny leaves that you see on the tomato edible?” (source emirates 24/7)
  • They will take him into the garden, and when he return, ask to list out what he saw there.

Get the kindergarten interview questions for kids 

You can get the questions from the other parents which you may know or you can get sample questions from internet so that way you can make them prepare for kindergarten interview. In uae there is no specific guidelines for the kindergarten interview question and answers.

You can take a sample test now Click to access sample kg assessment test

    Two interview experiences

    my sons interview in crescent English school al Quasis it was average below are the questions they asked
    What is your name
    What is your father name
    What is your mother name
    Count one to 10
    Tell abcd - A to Z
    Identify fruits like banana orange etc
    Identify animals -
    She got common animal shapes like lion, Zebra, elephant etc.
    Sing a rhyme - started with his Jhony Jhony :)
    Draw lines - standing line
    Tell the colors in a ball - She hold a ball that has around 5 colours

    He answered almost all questions

    In kindergarten starters KGS Dubai for Kg2 class.

    They didn't call parent for the interview instead took kid for interview alone,
    They asked his name.
    Previous school name
    And told him to sing one rhyme.

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