Expo 2020 Winner : Dubai

Finally the much awaited result of Expo 2020 came out. And the winner is Dubai.

Winner:Dubai. - Connecting minds Creating the future

As Dubai, Izmir, Sao Paulo and Ekateringburg competed to host World Expo 2020.

Voting result:

First round result:

Brazil Sao polo: 7.98%
Russia  Ekateringburg  23.93%
Turkey Izmir 20.25%
Dubai 47.24%

Second result:

Russia  Ekateringburg  24.85%
Turkey Izmir 21.82%
Dubai 52.71%

Third Round:

Russia - 
Dubai  -  
Voting process:
  • The final voting process for World Expo 2020 held at the BIE General Assembly in Paris.
  • Each candidate city given the final presentation for 20 minutes.
  • Dubai presented at 10.30 am Paris time (1.30 pm UAE time).
  • Voting for the host country began at 2.00 pm Paris time (5.00 pm UAE time) in a closed room. 
  • There was three rounds of voting before BIE members decide upon a winner.
  • After each round of voting, the candidate city with the least amount of votes will be eliminated. In first round Saopolo eliminated.
  • In second round Izmir eliminated
  • In third round Ekateringburg eliminated
  • Finally BIE announced the name of the Expo 2020 winner Dubai at 5.30 pm Paris time (8.30 pm UAE time).
few Images:

First round results

Second round results
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