WordWeb - No longer use the free version - Fix the issue

Word Web -

I was using an excellent free dictionary tool named WordWeb for quite long time.
This can be available here->http://wordweb.info/free/ - This is a fantastic dictionary tool with lot of word coverages.

This software has a different licencing term that people who flying more than 3 flights/year cannot use this software they have to pay for that. So when ever you use the word web software it will popupa question

Number of flights/year-> if you selects the option more than two flights it will not going to work any more the free version, you have to pay for that.

After that when ever you launching the word web it will provide the error that
'Sorry you can no longer use the free version' and the license explanation follows.

wordweb license error - you can no longer use the free version
The same error will re appear even after re-install.
How to fix this issue?

If you want to use the WordWeb you have to follow the following steps
1:- Click on the Start Button in the windows taskbar and select run option and type the regedit and press enter key or click the mouse
2:-Registry Editor Window will be open just explore to the option 
HKEY_CURRENT_USER->Software->WordWeb as given in the below image

Right click on the WordWeb folder and select the option Delete. this will erase the wordweb detail from the registry.

Now reinstall and you can continue using the wordweb for free :)
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