Sinusitis - Home remedies


This is the diseases that comes to my life 3 or 4 times in a year. Occurs due to the allergy because of dust. Normally I am falls sick because dusty conditons out side. That results one or two days leave in office and have a set of paracetamol tablets. But some times home remedies for sinusitis helped me a lot in many times. Here I am noting down the home remedies I am came across web. This is my reference guide when the disease come to me any time.

Home remedies

These home remedies are very easily available and easy to use. I got this from web many I tried. I am marking which I tried and got some result or not.
  • A tsp of black cumin seeds tied in a thin cotton cloth provides relief when inhaled.
  • Put few drops of eucalyptus oil on your handkerchief and sniff periodically.
  • Dissolve 1 tsp of salt in 2 cups of water and use it through a nasal inhaler.. This I tried many times and found very good
  • Sipping hot teas made with herbs such as fenugreek, fennel, anise, or sage may help move mucus even more and keeps it flowing. This I tried many times and found very good
  • Press your thumbs to the either side of the nostril to bring a fresh blood supply to the area and soothing relief.
  • Apply warm wash cloth over your eyes and cheekbones. Leave it till you feel the sinus pain subsiding.
  • Carrot and spinach juice taken regularly is also found to be highly beneficial.