Hand Held Devices

Hand Held Devices/ Terminals(HHDs/ HHTs) are smallest computer that allows to do the computation for the people outside the office environment also.

The Intermec CN3 is one of the good hand held device that supports many features.
Rugged device -
Rugged means you can use in any rough environment for eg: we can drop this device from 11 feet! That won’t hurt. 
• You can dip in water
• even you can put under the car wheel still it will do the bar code scanning
This supports
Integrated GPS
• WiFi, Blue tooth
• Color camera – You can take pictures too, 2.0 mega pixel camera
• You can use It as a mobile phone.
• Audio Support is excellent. This gives the way to
Dual speakers
Wireless Bluetooth headset support
Speech recognition

• Capture user signature & signature verification

• Multi-media messaging : supports

• Supports barcode scanning, printing


• Hardware

RAM Memory – 128 MB

Microprocessor - Intel® XScale PXA270, 520 MHz

This have mini SD slot, can attach memory cards up to 2GB

• Software

Operating system

Windows mobile 5.0

Windows mobile 6.1


• Magnetic Stripe Reader – this helps to perform the transactions or recognize the employees by swiping the access card.


• Approx Cost is : approx. 6600/- AED per unit(70,000 INR)


• Advanced version of CN3 devices are CN50 and CN70. CN50 supports
Optical character reading: Using for tag recognition and not for passport scanning. (OCR helps to read machine printed or typed or written character)
  • 3G
  • Can operate for 25 hours continuously if once fully charged.
  • CN 50 device helps to perform OCR using the technology Enhanced Mobile Document Imaging (eMDI) which allows the user to take a photo of a printed document and analyse the image 
  • Camera 3 mega pixel
  • For barcode scanning - 1D and 2D barcode imager

Cost - approx. 8000/- AED per unit(90,000 INR)

The similiar category product from Motorola are Motorola MC9090, Motorola E5400



cost: barcodesinc.com