Emirates interview dubai

Emirates Airline is a one of the prime company in the world. The main office is located in Middle East in Dubai. Emirates IT department is taking care of the various technological needs of the emirates group which spans emirates engineering, flightmanagement HR etc.
This was a very good interview I had after a long time. I was bit nervous before going for the interview because it will be a door to dubai and also a big client in the world in air line industry.
The interview process consits of
  • Aptitude test - Mathematical and reasoning eligibility test. Follows the pattern matching, numerical problems.
  • First Round Technical Interview
  • Final Round technical interview
  • HR Interview.

As a senior software engineer position, they asked me following set of questions in Java technologies.

This position was for Java expert and most of the questions I got related to Java technologies only.

  1. What is the Object orient concepts, Please explain.
  2.  What is exception implicit object in JSP and what is the use of that?
  3.  How servlet communicate each other?
  4.  What is inner join in data base?
  5.  What is associateion and aggregation?
  6.  what is Hiberante?
  7. How to handle the defects arised during the development.

Edit:Recently Emirates adopted JSF/Spring/Hibernate technologies for all the new development so you can expect the questions coverign the trio.

I joined in the emirates as consultant employee in the year 2011.